Health literacy across the life span

Mayer, Anne-Kathrin (Ed.)
2018, 164 pages, ISBN 978-3-95853-449-0
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During the last two decades, the concept of health literacy has gained increasing attention from divergent disciplines. In this volume, authors from different fields (psychology, educational sciences, public health, sociology, epidemiology, and information sciences) present concepts and theories as well as empirical findings on health literacy and health information literacy in various age groups.



Health literacy across the life span: A promising field of interdisciplinary research
Anne-Kathrin Mayer

Health literacy – a concept map
Renate Soellner

Faciliating health literacy and behavior change by computer-tailored interventions
Sonia Lippke, Christian Preißner & Amanda Whittal

Cognitive authority and health information literacy
Maija-Leena Huotari

Consequences and challenges of dangerous health literacy in the information age
Peter J. Schulz

Development process of a health literacy measurement instrument for fourth grade schoolchildren: A mixed-method study
Orkan Okan & Torsten Michael Bollweg

Adolescents’ health literacy self-reports – insights from the MOHLAA study
Christiane Firnges, Olga Domanska & Susanne Jordan

Assessing health literacy by performance tests: the Health Information Literacy Knowledge Test (HILK)
Anne-Kathrin Mayer, Julia Holzhäuser, Anita Chasiotis & Oliver Wedderhoff

Determinants of health information literacy in vocational school students: the role of personal beliefs
Veronika Kuhberg-Lasson

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